With madnes bicycles

Ride with steeL
and made in france


Our frames are designed to follow you for a long time and allow you to always enjoy every ride while being responsible.

steel frames ?

Lightness & maneuverability

The Cromo steel used for our frames allows maximum durability while optimizing the lightness, handling and dynamism of the bikes.


Our steel tubes have excellent mechanical characteristics even after years of riding, which guarantees the longevity of our frames.


Madnes Bicycles also chose this material because its environmental impact is much lower than that of aluminum and carbon, without compromising performance.


Our frames are designed to follow you for a long time and allow you to always enjoy every ride while being responsible.  

As much as possible our suppliers and subcontractors are in the Hérault department, so we favor short circuits. This proximity also has the advantages of increased responsiveness, customer service and quality control.

All our frames are welded individually by hand by our welders.
With Madnes you prefer a bike designed and entirely made in France. 


Madnes Bicycles involves only local actors in its adventure.


Frames painted in our workshop

  • Our frames are fully painted and designed in our workshop. 
  • We use an epoxy powder paint which guarantees solidity and durability.  
  • It is solvent-free and therefore more environmentally friendly. 
  • With our frames you have great possibilities of customizing both the painting and the stickers.
  • The Madnes team is committed to providing you with unique settings. 
KNOWLEDGE / passionnate people

Bicycles created by passionnate people for passionnate people

At Madnes Bicycles it is this unique passion that fuels our endless drive to make iconic bikes that simply perform better. Bikes that improve your ride. Wherever you go, whatever you ride, drop the codes and ride together with more environmentally friendly steel bikes! 



Our emblem the chamois or isard

We have chosen this emblematic mountain animal because it is agile on all types of uneven terrain, whether in positive or negative elevation.

Just like our Madnes frames, no slope can resist it. 

Called Isard in the Pyrenees and Chamois in the Alps, he established himself as the mountain freerider!


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